Tips for Spring-worthy skin from the Skin Doctors Experts
Posted on September 14, 2018

Spring’s warm weather is fast approaching and with it comes the start of a fun season of social events including spring races, fashion festivals and long nights out with girlfriends. The pressure to look rested and refreshed is even greater during a time of year where a busy social life can make skin look tired and dull. The lack of sleep, change of diet and an increase in alcohol consumption can result in skin that looks tired with poor elasticity and visible blemishes. Making sure your skin doesn’t give away your spring season revelry is as simple as a good routine with the right products and rituals.

Starting spring with healthy habits is the best way to prepare your skin for the events season. Using quality products in your beauty regime and adding a few lifestyle tips and tricks can help make your skin look rested and refreshed. With a little preparation you can also ensure you’re eliminating wrinkles, creating plump skin and looking radiant for every occasion.

Relaxaderm an injection free facial relaxer is one part of the process and works by reducing the tension within the skin and alleviating muscle contraction. This reduces premature ageing and helps skin look smoother and younger.

Applying Relaxaderm each morning and night will help bolster skin against spring’s social season. We also recommend skipping the morning coffee twice a week and replacing it with a large bottle of water! Don’t forget, exercise helps to get circulation flowing and leaves skin looking vibrant and refreshed so make sure you’re scheduling some fitness between the parties.