Facial Yoga Brings Exercise to Anti-Ageing
Posted on September 14, 2018

Yoga has been around for over 5000 years and has become a routine for many Australian’s. There is increased conversation that specific facial exercises can help those that are on the hunt for younger-looking skin as an anti-ageing tool.

Northwestern University (USA) study provides some very encouraging evidence that daily facial exercises can make the upper and lower cheeks plumper, while dermatologists’ assessments claim that middle-aged women can actually reduce their “age appearance” by three years. Regular facial exercises can liven up your daily skincare routine, whilst creating a healthier and younger looking appearance. Participants in this study learned and performed 32 distinct facial exercises, each one for about a minute.

1. The Cheek Lifter

2. The Happy Cheeks Sculpting

3. Eyebrow Lifter

4. Scooping Jaw & Neck Firmer

5. Temple Developer

6. Upper Eye Lid Firmer

The participants and the dermatologists found that upper cheek and lower cheek fullness was significantly enhanced because of the exercises. In addition, the raters estimated average patient age decreased over the course of the study.

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