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10 Ways to Keep Skin Hydrated this Winter

13 days ago No comments

When you pull out your winter clothes, it is a reminder that you need to change your skincare routine too!

Skin Doctors provides you 10 tips to help keep skin hydrated during winter.

Facial Yoga Brings Exercise to Anti-Ageing

13 days ago No comments

Yoga has been around for over 5000 years and has become a routine for many Australian’s. There is increased conversation that specific facial exercises can help those that are on the hunt for younger-looking skin.

A Northwestern University (USA) study provides some very encouraging evidence that daily facial exercises can make the upper and lower cheeks plumper, while dermatologists’ assessments claim that middle-aged women can actually reduce their “age appearance” by three years.

Beauty Habits You Should Never Skip; Why Exfoliation Matters

2 years ago No comments

The festive season might be over but with only a couple of weeks left of summer the celebrations continue, don’t be afraid to indulge, just always keep in mind that this can cause some damage to our skin. In addition, the combination of a few too many glasses of bubbles, extra hours under the sun and less time in bed can bring us the recipe for dull and lifeless skin.

Fortunately you can add this simple step to your regular skincare routine to help renew and restore skin; exfoliation. Exfoliating regularly helps to remove dead, dry cells on the surface and reveals a layer of fresher, brighter skin that was hidden underneath.

Tips to achieving party-ready skin from Skin Doctors Experts

3 years ago No comments

With longer days and warmer nights, summer calls for beach barbeques, days by the pool and afternoon cocktails. But extended sun exposure and an increase in alcohol intake can rob the body of vitamin A- a critical antioxidant for cell renewal and turnover, causing dehydration by hindering the production of anti-diuretic hormones. This can make our skin parched and dry, and leaving us to wake up to dull and lifeless skin.

To give skin a fresh start, change up your skincare regime to accommodate for the warmer weather. By investing in the right skin solutions, you can keep skin smooth and radiant all summer long.

3 steps to taking the sting out of wrinkles

3 years ago No comments

Fine lines and wrinkles are an inevitable fact of life as we mature into our older years, but there are certain lifestyle habits that accelerate the natural aging process. Factors such as smoking, sun exposure, hormones, certain medications and poor diet can contribute to skin becoming drier, thinner and less elastic. However, there are proactive steps you can take to slow down the signs of aging.

Wrinkles tend to creep up on us slowly. You might have looked in the mirror and spotted fine expression lines or perhaps you’ve noticed them now, as they’ve developed over time. Either way, it’s not too late to take corrective measures against your wrinkles without resolving to drastic painful plastic surgery procedures.

Tackling ageing with tips from the Skin Doctors Experts

3 years ago No comments

Everyone ages differently, depending on your genetics and lifestyle habits. However you can take proactive measures to slow this process, starting with a foundation of good habits. These include wearing a high Sun Protection Factor sun screen every day to protect yourself from direct and incidental sun exposure. Lifestyle choices, including drinking plenty of water and not smoking can also help to slow the ageing process.

Build on this by establishing a quality anti-ageing skincare regime, which draws on active ingredients designed to work with your body’s natural cell renewal process, whilst also delivering a healthy dose of hydration

Tips for spring-worthy skin from the Skin Doctors Experts

3 years ago No comments

Spring’s warm weather is fast approaching and with it comes the start of a fun season of social events including spring races, fashion festivals and long nights out with girlfriends. The pressure to look rested and refreshed is even greater during a time of year where a busy social life can make skin look tired and dull. The lack of sleep, change of diet and an increase in alcohol consumption can result in skin that looks tired with poor elasticity and visible blemishes. Making sure your skin doesn’t give away your spring season revelry is as simple as a good routine with the right products and rituals.

Starting spring with healthy habits is the best way to prepare your skin for the events season. Using quality products in your beauty regime and adding a few lifestyle tips and tricks can help make your skin look rested and refreshed. With a little preparation you can also ensure you’re eliminating wrinkles, creating plump skin and looking radiant for every occasion.