Beauty Habits You Should Never Skip; Why Exfoliation Matters
Posted on September 14, 2018

The festive season might be over but with only a couple of weeks left of summer the celebrations continue, don’t be afraid to indulge, just always keep in mind that this can cause some damage to our skin. In addition, the combination of a few too many glasses of bubbles, extra hours under the sun and less time in bed can bring us the recipe for dull and lifeless skin.

Fortunately you can add this simple step to your regular skincare routine to help renew and restore skin; exfoliation. Exfoliating regularly helps to remove dead, dry cells on the surface and reveals a layer of fresher, brighter skin that was hidden underneath.

If you don’t have the luxury of time to visit a professional spa centre, where dead cells on our body and face are physically rubbed away with an abrasive and chemical exfoliation, then treat yourself to a similarly premium experience at home with SD Powerbrasion™ system. The Powerbrasion™ system is an easy-to-use exfoliation method for all skin types. It combines professional micro-dermabrasion techniques and a carefully balanced skin resurfacing cream to provide instant results.

Start with a thoroughly cleansed face and attach the foam applicator to the Micro-dermabrasion Accelerator Unit. Apply Skin Doctors™ Exfoliating Crystals to the areas of the skin to be treated. Using circular motions and gentle pressure, massage the intensive micro-dermabrasion crystals into the skin for up to five minutes per area. This action helps remove dull skin, and stimulate blood flow for a fresher and healthier look.

Next, dust off the crystals with a dry towel and rinse area thoroughly. After patting your face dry apply Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy™. This powerful skin resurfacing and renewal cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles, skin pigmentation, blackheads, dull weathered skin, ingrown hairs and large pores, ensuring your skin stays smooth and youthful at all times.

For best results, Skin Doctors experts recommend using the Powerbrasion™ system one to two times a week. Bear in mind that over exfoliation can lead to red, dry irritated skin, so take care to notice how your skin is reacting. You will notice dramatic results after five to nine treatments, and it is recommended to incorporate SD Powerbrasion™ system as part of your skincare regime on a regular basis.

Additional measures to improve lifeless skin include keeping skin clean and moisturised. Always use plenty of high SPF sunscreens, and make sure you’re having a balanced diet. Consume food that gives you healthy fats such as salmon, avocado and nuts in your diet, and stay hydrated at all times to keep skin glowing.