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Instant Eyelift ™ 10ml

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Help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, bags, puffiness and age lines.

Instant EyeliftTM is an amazing eye serum that helps you to dramatically smooth away the appearance of wrinkles, bags and puffiness.

Instant EyeliftTM offers you results that may last up to 8 hours* - so you’ll look great the whole day (or night) through!

*individual results may vary.

Instant Eyelift™ smoothes away bags, puffiness and wrinkles, for younger looking eyes.

Biocare SA - composed of Albumin and Hyaluronic Acid, and forms a water retaining, highly elastic film that keeps the skin under the eye well hydrated, plump, smooth and tightened. The Albumin component lifts furrows up to the level of surrounding skin by means of contraction. It also forms a film which becomes translucent, diffusing and reflecting light, allowing the wrinkles in the skin under the eye to appear less pronounced.

Skin Tightener ST - combines hydrophilic polysaccharides derived from the algae Macrocystis pyrifera with wheat protein. Skin Tightener ST was seen to tighten and smooth the skin dramatically after just minutes. 

Sodium Silicate - when applied to the skin, this ingredient dries immediately and contributes to the formation of the film which provides for instant lifting effect.

  1. Clean and dry the skin ensuring all make up and moisturisers are removed. 
  2. Shake bottle slightly before use. 
  3. Test the serum on your palm. If texture of the lotion is gritty, continue shaking the bottle. 
  4. Place a few drops on your index finger, and in a crescent shape motion apply three strokes to form a thin layer under the eyes. The strokes should start at the inner area under the eye and move towards the hairline. 
  5. Once applied look straight ahead and try not to make any facial movements such as smiling or talking for at least 2 to 3 minutes or until the serum has dried. You will feel your skin tightening and in some cases a tingling sensation that lasts 2-3 minutes.

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How does Instant Eyelift work?
Instant Eyelift smoothes and tightens the skin around the eye. The fixing agents hold the skin taut around the eye reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The other active ingredients soothe the skin and reduce inflammation and puffiness.

How long will the effects from Instant Eyelift last?
Instant Eyelift offers you instant results that can last for hours.

Can I apply make-up after applying Instant Eyelift?
Yes, simply apply make up as you would normally, taking care not to rub the area. As Instant Eyelift may sometimes leave a white residue when it dries, it may be necessary to blend in with some foundation.

Could I be allergic to Instant Eyelift?
Instant Eyelift is a gentle smoothing and tightening serum that should not cause irritation, however you may be allergic to one or more of its ingredients. If you have a known allergy it is important to check the ingredient listing to ensure it does not contain ingredients you are allergic to. It is always very important to be especially careful when applying anything to the delicate eye area. We recommend that before using Instant Eyelift on your eyes you test the serum on a less sensitive part of your body such as the inside of the wrist. If you notice any redness or itching then discontinue use. Do not rub or touch your eyes after applying Instant Eyelift as this can cause the product to crystallise and itch.
Please note that Albumin is the protein component of egg, so if you have an allergy to egg, you should avoid using Instant Eyelift.